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Health Addicts (15 products)

Health Addicts

Health Addicts offer a range of products to support good health and well-being for the professional athlete to people looking to make a positive change in their diet and nutrition.Health Addicts is a wholesaler of premium quality foods and supplements.The products are developed by and business is managed and operated by two high experienced and qualified professionals in the health and food industry. One a nutritionist, one a chef.


Health Addicts offer a range of products to support good health and well-being for the professional athlete to people looking to make a positive change in their diet and nutrition.


Health Addicts is a forward thinking Australian brand that's managed and operated by two professionals from the health and food industries. Whether you're a full-time athlete who's looking to take your nutrition to the next level, or you simply want to make some positive changes to your diet and nutrition, Health Addicts have a range of top quality supplements to help you achieve your goal.


Headed up by Thomas, a nutritionist with over two decades of experience in the health industry, and supported by Anna, a chef with over twenty years' experience in the food industry, Health Addicts' aim is to put you on the path to a healthier life by achieving optimal health. They've done this by bringing a range of top quality supplements and health foods to the market, that not only 'do you good', but taste good too.


Whether you want to gain lean muscle or lose fat, there'll be a Health Addicts supplement or product to suit you.


As one of the few online retailers that stock the range of Health Addicts supplements, we'd like to introduce you to some of their top selling products. Let's start with their flagship product, Health Addicts Tommy's Complete Protein.


Health Addicts Tommy's Complete Protein


• Made from all natural ingredients, including organic rice protein, organic pea protein, extracts of green coffee beans, green tea and grape seed, together with natural vanilla flavouring and organic stevia for added sweetness, this complete protein contains a healthy 25.9 grams of protein, but less than 2 grams of carbs, in every serving. It's the ideal supplement for helping to build muscle or lose fat, whether you choose to mix it with water or with milk.


Health Addicts Tommy's Carnatine


• Many fitness fanatics swear by Health Addicts Tommy's Carnatine to give them extra energy and endurance. It's made from 100% natural ingredients with no sugar, no artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners, and it is HPLC tested. It's also preservative and GMO Free, and is the perfect choice if you're looking to increase your energy, stamina and mental performance, while keeping your weight under control.


Health Addicts Tommy's Glutamine


• After a heavy workout, a serving of Health Addicts Tommy's Glutamine can help to start that all-important process of muscle repair. It's also a useful supplement if you're trying to lose weight as it reduces cravings while increasing your energy levels, and supports both the immune system and the digestive function. As with all Health Addicts supplements, it's completely natural and has been thoroughly tested, and can be taken alone or added into your protein shake.


If you'd like to get your hands on Health Addicts supplements in Australia, buy online now at Mr Vitamins. After all, we could all do by abiding by the Health Addicts' philosophy to "take care of your body" as "it's the only place you have to live".


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