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Emu Tracks (20 products)

The oil from Australia's flightless bird the Emu has been highly valued by the Australian Aborigines for thousands of years as a natural bush medicine for all manner of ailments because of the numerous health benefits Emu Oil offers.

Emu Oil is now gaining strong recognition throughout the world as being one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories used in the management of skin conditions as well as muscle & joint problems including arthritis.

It is highly versatile and extremely beneficial in the treatment of gastro-intestinal inflammatory disorders, skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, as well as sprains & strains, burns, scarring, insect bites, rashes, abrasions, cradle cap and nappy rash.

As the emu is an Australian indigenous animal, like all native species, it is protected by Commonwealth law. Around 1990 following several Aboriginal based emu farming experimental programmes, the Government legislated to allow emu farming via a permit or license. This licence is governed by a strict Code of Practice that ensures best practice of animal husbandry and welfare. All emu product can only be derived from farm bred birds as emus cannot be taken from the wild.

Emu Tracks is a proudly Australian owned company that was established following a strong involvement in the embryonic stages of the Australian emu industry in the early 1990’s. Our family started two emu farms in separate states of Australia gaining significant farming expertise as well as becoming integral players in the formation and administration of local and national emu farming associations.

Emu Tracks has grown to become the world leading specialist manufacturer of emu oil products with more than 25 years’ experience in the emu industry. Emu Tracks is the expert in Emu Oil celebrating 20 years of product manufacturing in 2016.

Emu Tracks was founded in 1996 on a commitment to producing the Most Natural Range of Emu Oil Products possible, free of harsh petrochemicals, preservatives and additives. Given the versatility and effectiveness of this powerful, natural remedy, the only focus of Emu Tracks is delivering the highest quality Emu Oil products possible.

As the emu oil specialist, Emu Tracks is the only fully integrated company in Australia that commercially manufactures in-house, thereby maintaining quality and control over the entire process of rendering, formulation and product manufacture.     

Emu Tracks does not use any chemicals or additives in the manufacturing of Pure Emu Oil.

Consumers are demanding natural based products that deliver on effectiveness and quality.   They are becoming increasingly concerned and aware of the commonly used chemicals that are prevalent in the products we use. Furthermore, they are also becoming educated as to the safety and benefits that many natural ingredients such as Emu Oil may offer over synthetic and petrochemical based ingredients.

Managing Director of Emu Tracks, Chris Gregory is President of the Emu Industry Federation of Australia and has facilitated the majority of emu oil research in Australia for more than 15 years with leading universities and hospitals. The benefits of Emu Tracks products are backed by research to scientifically validate Emu Oil’s medicinal properties.

Emu Tracks is the company that manufactures Bio-Active™ Emu Oil, the standard used for emu oil research in Australia.

Maintaining a central focus to health and well-being, Emu Tracks products are petrochemical free and are primarily made from natural ingredients providing one of the few true ranges of natural based products for the health conscious consumer.

Emu Tracks' philosophy has always been unique in that our focus is in developing and manufacturing for consumers ethical and highly beneficial products that utilise the finest quality natural ingredients to compliment the outstanding advantages that Emu Oil can offer.

Emu Tracks offers the most diverse and problem specific range of Emu Oil products on the market.

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