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Amazonia (41 products)

Amazonia Health Products

Amazonia’s philosophy is to deliver the best nutrition to the people of Australia so that they can be healthier, happier, bright-eyed and more energetic. Their products offer whole, live nutrition in their most natural form so that the body can utilise the ingredients most effectively.


Amazonia uses only the finest quality ingredients in their health products. They use ingredients that come from nature and offer nourishing, superfood properties. If an ingredient is synthetic, refined or harmful to the environment, it’s simply not going to feature in their products.


Given this and for many other reasons, the Amazonia brand is a very welcome addition to the health market. This brand is truly passionate about creating the most delicious and nourishing health products. They have an innovative approach and dedication to delivering the purest, highest quality health products. The company is an Australian business too with their headquarters based in Queensland, Australia.


Of the entire range, the Amazonia Raw Protein products have proven most popular. Their amazing raw protein isolate comes in a range of delicious flavours including

  • vanilla
  • cacao and coconut
  • espresso
  • cacao and macadamia

It is the first-to-market organic, raw, prebiotic, dairy-free protein powder with high quality bioavailability. Its gentle formula is designed to promote optimal gut health. Offering live digestive enzymes and prebiotics to support an ideal digestive balance, it effectively assists with the breakdown and assimilation of protein ensuring maximum absorption. 


Amazonia has also developed a raw protein powder to assist with weight loss. Their Slim & Tone protein powder comes in delicious flavours like cacao and macadamia. The low carb formulation is designed to support natural, healthy weight loss, helping to banish cravings and keep you feeling fuller for longer.


In addition, a particular best seller for Amazonia is their Paleo protein powder. With this delicious wholefood formula, they have responded to a demand for a quality Paleo protein powder. It combines a nourishing sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens to create a top class, paleo-friendly protein powder. The Paleo formula special blend also includes superfoods such as whole Peruvian sacha inchi, fermented spirulina, quinoa and chia.


Amazonia is probably most well-known for their love of embracing the superfood power of the Acai berry. The freeze-dried Amazonia Acai powder tastes like a perfect mix of berries and chocolate and offers 42 times the antioxidant levels of blueberries and 10 times the antioxidant levels of spirulina. The superfood powers of the acai berry make it the perfect inclusion in Amazonia’s health products.


If you need to buy Amazonia online in Australia, Mr Vitamins offers a wide selection of products from this great brand for you to choose from. We stock an extensive range of products, and we offer fast delivery and discount prices.


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