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Why eat Fermented Foods as part of your everyday diet?

Why eat Fermented Foods as part of your everyday diet? | Mr Vitamins
Fermented foods have been a form of food preservation for thousands of years – evidence points back to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all fermenting and culturing foods to support health before times of modern day electricity, fridges and freezers.

So why ferment?

The process of fermentation naturally increases bacteria found in foods, and these help to populate your own digestive colony of bacteria – the microbiome. Every traditional culture in the world includes some sort of fermented foods in their meals to help aid digestion and promote health. Did you know that miso, sourdough bread, and many pickles, chutneys and alcoholic beverages are fermented?

Some of the benefits of eating fermented foods

  • Enhances nutrient profile e.g. vitamin K2 in natto and vitamin C in sauerkraut
  • Increases beneficial bacteria diversity for your microbiome
  • Supports immunity, digestive function and detox pathways
  • Easy to do at home and economical

So what is fermentation?

Fermentation is the process of converting sugars or carbohydrates into a by-product of beneficial bacteria. This can be done using a starter culture, naturally occurring bacteria, or another fermented food to kick start the process. The end result is a tasty and functional food that supports a healthy microbiome and improves digestive function.

Article by Nutritionist Karen Ball