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Why Chocolate is good for your Heart

Why Chocolate is good for your Heart | Mr Vitamins
Australian researchers have discovered that dark chocolate is capable of preventing or reducing heart disease! As the leading, yet preventable, cause of death in the Western world, heart disease is a condition everyone should be concerned about. So a little chocolate a day may well keep the doctor away.

Dark Chocolate:  A sweet and simple study

In the past, studies eluded to the idea that small amounts of dark chocolate provided short-term benefits for heart health. Yet, a recent study wanted to confirm that dark chocolate could not only protect cardiovascular health long-term, but also in people at risk. Researchers collected 2,013 study participants who had high blood pressure or metabolic syndrome, which are both considered to be markers for heart disease. However, the participants were not taking any medication for their condition. After eating one ounce (or one square) of dark chocolate per day for 10 years, the results were rather convincing!

Dark Chocolate improves cardiovascular health

In an attempt to find realistic results, researchers gathered data that reflected 100% compliance (consuming dark chocolate everyday) and 80% compliance (consuming dark chocolate on most days). They found in people treated over 10 years it was estimated that:
  • With 100% compliance dark chocolate could prevent 70 non-fatal and 15 fatal cardiovascular events.
  • And even in the 80% compliance group, people could avoid 55 non-fatal and 10 fatal cardiovascular events.

What makes Dark Chocolate so powerful?

It is important to understand that chocolate has varying concentrations of cocoa and it appears to be the cocoa that gives dark chocolate its power. The dark chocolate used in the study contained at least 60% cocoa. Since cocoa is loaded with flavonoids, scientists attribute dark chocolate’s cardiovascular benefits to its cocoa content, which is higher than milk chocolate and white chocolate.

What does Dark Chocolate mean to you?

Besides tasting delicious, improving your mood, and offering you a host of antioxidants, dark chocolate protects your heart and cardiovascular health by lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure. Thus, eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day could be a good and reasonable way to care for your heart. But of course, before incorporating chocolate into your diet, you should “Ask a Naturopath” if daily consumption is right for you. If it is, you may even want to make your own chocolate bars!

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