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Where does your chocolate come from?

Where does your chocolate come from? | Mr Vitamins
Recently, I was lucky enough to spend time with Sydney’s newcomer to the raw chocolate scene – The Chocolate Yogi. Based on the pristine and idyllic Scotland Island in Sydney’s north, The Chocolate Yogi is a boutique business consisting of a hands-on husband and wife team. They create delicious and wholefood choco goodness that is filled with positive intentions and energy!

Do you know what is in your chocolate?

After a water taxi ride to the island, we made our way to The Chocolate Yogi factory where we learnt how the chocolate is made – from stone grinding the whole cacao bean in specialised machinery, to adding the natural sweetener of evaporated coconut nectar, to tempering the end product. This results in a natural product that is not only full of antioxidants and minerals, but also tastes smooth, creamy and amazing.

We are what we eat

Each and every batch of delicious goodness made by the yogis is filled with peaceful and positive intentions by way of Sanskrit mantras, adding another dimension to the raw chocolate which already has many health benefits.

Have your raw chocolate…and eat it too

Article by Nutritionist Karen Ball