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Weight Loss: where do your Carbohydrates go?

Weight Loss: where do your Carbohydrates go? | Mr Vitamins
Here’s what happens to the carbohydrates in your food. Firstly they get converted into sugars. Then they are transported through your circulatory system (which is why we refer to ‘blood sugar’) and then your hormones help get this sugar into your cells to make energy, or store it away as fat. Each step in this simplified ‘carbohydrate journey’, can provide an opportunity to help healthy weight loss; let’s take a closer look.

3 Ways You Can Help Your Weight Loss

  1. Carbohydrates make blood sugar Consuming an appropriate amount of carbohydrates for your body is a good start to naturally supporting healthy blood sugar levels. You may benefit from consuming smaller portions of carbohydrates and more protein to support weight loss.
  1. CarbohydratesSlow is good! Consuming foods with a low to medium glycaemic index can help slow down the rate at which sugar enters the circulatory system. Having fibre with carbohydrates can also help slow down its absorption (eating a whole apple, including the fibre instead of just the natural sugars in the juice for example). Don’t forget Exercise! Exercise helps ‘use up’ sugar for energy production, so less is stored away as fat.
  1. Enhance carbohydrate metabolism Don’t forget Exercise! Exercise helps ‘use up’ sugar for energy production, so less is stored away as fat.

Your Home Herbal Dispensary to Balance Blood Sugar

  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) – used to help healthy people maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) - supports healthy glycaemic control
  • Huang Bai(Phellodendron amurense) a traditional Chinese medicine, helps harmonise energetic imbalances associated with blood sugar balance
  • Cinnamon- traditionally used to support healthy blood sugar
  • Gymnema- traditionally used to aid digestion and assimilation of nutrients
If your body does not metabolise carbohydrates effectively, then more sugar gets stored in your cells as fat. Consider enhancing your carbohydrate metabolism with a helping hand from nature.

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