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What’s that smell? Avoiding chemical scents in your home

What’s that smell? Avoiding chemical scents in your home | Mr Vitamins
  Have you ever walked past someone who smells – and you turn away? Not a BO smell but a strong smell from someone’s clothes, perfume or aftershave? Or do you hold your nose when you walk past the aisle with household cleaners and laundry powders at the supermarket?

Strong smells are often not good for you

What are you smelling? It’s likely to be the heavy artificial fragrances in the products. And did you know there is a very good chance your home is still laden with synthetic scents although you’re trying to avoid the obvious ones. Why, because you are probably thinking if the smell is not overpowering, it’s not harmful. Unfortunately this is not the case.

It’s time for you to rethink your purchases for the sake of your family’s health

Synthetic fragrances including phthalates, neurotoxins, and synthetic musks and are some of the top 5 allergens in the world.
Added fragrances can provoke allergic reactions. The term “fragrance” on an ingredient list means the product contains a chemical cocktail that may consist of dozens of substances for which there is limited safety data. EWG recommends that you choose products free of unnecessary, undisclosed ingredients such as fragrance and dye.” Enrionmental Working Group - USA
Have a look at this 9 minute video “SYNTHETIC: WHAT ARE THE HIDDEN DANGERS” and find out why in the face of the tempting lure of sophisticated marketing that makes products sound so appealing and smelling, there is another story that is affecting your family’s health and wellbeing.    

What can you do to create a chemical free home that’s smells great?

You can use 100% pure essential oils, because essential oils come from the natural chemical compounds found in flowers, stems, trees, sap and roots. Essentials oils are natures living energy and they not only smell great they can be used as a perfume, aftershave, deodorant and in cleaning products, soaps, shampoos and more. Before you jump in the car to go and purchase some, there is one more fact you need to know. Not all essential oils are created equal. Some of them have been extended with synthetic chemicals or are even made from synthetic chemicals. How do you know the difference? You need to ensure that they have been quality tested. We suggest people look for essential oils that have gone through the ‘Seed to Seal’ process, like Young Living. You can now buy the Young Living range of essential oils at Mr Vitamins.