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Warning! Most women don’t realise they're treating their skins with a chemical cocktail every day!

Beautiful Girl After Bath Touching Her Face. SkincareYou are meticulous about eating well and exercising. You don’t smoke and you drink occasionally and responsibly. You take all of the necessary measures to stay well. But … did you know that your daily skincare regime can be a major contributor to long term and serious health issues?

Study shows chemical levels in skincare

A study by Bionsen (a natural deodorant producer in the UK) found that the average woman applies over 500 chemicals and heavy metals onto her body every single day. This just by going through her daily beauty and personal care routine! And most of that happens before she even leaves the house! How? Consider the ingredient list of the following products that most women would use regularly:
Soap / Body wash Moisturiser Body Lotion
Toothpaste Foundation Sunscreen
Mouth wash Blush Shampoo
Deodorant Mascara Hair Conditioner
Cleanser Lipstick
Toner Hand Cream
Even if you only use some of these products every day, you are still exposing your body to a huge cocktail of chemicals.

High levels of Heavy Metals and Chemicals unacceptable

The average skincare product can contain as many as 8-15 chemicals. Lipstick alone, for example, can contain as many as 9 different heavy metals, representing more than 20% of the acceptable levels for a person’s daily intake for aluminium, cadmium and manganese.  Some lipsticks exceeded the Average Daily Intake for chromium, a heavy metal that has been linked to tumours of the stomach. This figure came out of a study by the University of California, Berkeley. Chemicals in your skincare and personal care products don’t just sit on your skin; they are absorbed into your body via your pores.

60% of what you put on your body ends up in your bloodstream


It takes just 6 seconds for those chemicals to be absorbed

While your body can handle small amounts of these chemicals and heavy metals, the problem arises with the accumulation of those toxins from using those products every single day. Your body is just not equipped to eliminate this level of synthetics and the result is that you experience toxic overload. Consider that an average 30 year old woman, who has used commercial toothpaste twice a day since she was 5 years old, will have exposed herself to one toxic chemical, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), regularly used in engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners for its superior ability to remove industrial grease, and known to contribute to eye damage, depression, respiratory difficulties and skin irritation, over 17,800 times.

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