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Top Tips to Nourish, Strengthen and Condition your hair

Here are our 5 top tips for great looking healthy hair

  1. Turning Hair Loss into Hair GrowthFind the right products for you – Ensure you don’t over wash your hair, which can strip the natural oils. Drop by Mr Vitamins and ‘Ask a Naturopath’ about a gentle natural shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.
  2. Tidy up – Visit your hairdresser and keep your hair trimmed to help keep split ends under control
  3. Protect your hair - Humidity, sun, salt and chlorinated water don’t do any favours for your hair condition over summer. Rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming, top up on conditioning treatments when out in summer sun and wear a hat!
  4. Go gently – heat styling, blow-drying and colouring hair can wreak havoc with hair condition. Air-drying your air is gentler than blow dying. Don’t brush wet hair, towel dry instead and use a wide toothed comb. Minimise styles that pull your hair too tight, and brush out tangles from the tips of your hair before brushing from the roots to the tips.
  5. Nourish from the inside – Your hair needs adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, and good quality protein such as eggs, fish and nuts. Consider Chinese herbs to help nourish Liver Blood and replenish Kidney Jing (energy), which helps improve blood circulation to the scalp to promote healthy hair condition.

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