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The importance of nutritional and herbal antioxidants

The importance of nutritional and herbal antioxidants | Mr Vitamins

The toxic burden of modern life

Every day, our bodies come into contact with a variety of toxins picked up during or daily contact with chemicals found in our immediate environment. From the pesticides and herbicides used on our foods during farming practices, to the smog found in the air we breathe in today’s modern cities, these toxins cause our body to produce compounds that are damaging to our cells, tissues and organs. These compounds, known as free radicals, are well-known to contribute to a number of disease states as diverse as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and inflammatory gut conditions. Free radicals, and the resulting damage they can do to cells, organs and tissues, can be reduced with the help of nutritious and protective antioxidants found both in our diet and in herbal and nutritional supplements.

Antioxidants in the diet

Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are the main source of antioxidants found in the diet. Choosing a diet that contains fruits and vegetables every colour of the rainbow, will ensure your body receives a diverse mix of protective antioxidants:
  • Orange fruits and vegetables contain protective beta-carotene (a pre-cursor to the potently antioxidant vitamin A) along with vitamin C, both of which are important for immunity and skin health.
  • Green leafy vegetables (the darker the better) contain folate, a vitamin beneficial in building strength in a variety of tissues in the human body.
  • Berries, especially blueberries and bilberries, are also very protective for the heart and circulatory system, working particularly to support the health of the blood vessels supporting the health of the eyes.
When it comes to choosing healthy fruits and vegetables, organic is always best as it reduces the possibility of the body coming into contact with pesticides and herbicides used in modern farming techniques. If you cannot always source organic vegetables, choose seasonal fruits and veggies, and wash these in a 1 part vinegar, 5 part water solution, to reduce the impact of chemicals on your body.

Antioxidants in natural medicine

In natural medicine, antioxidants are often prescribed to reduce the damage causing free radicals from causing harm. Herbs such as Turmeric, Garlic, Bilberry and Pine bark, provide antioxidant protection to the body by supporting the health of the heart (Garlic, Bilberry and Pine Bark), and by having an anti-inflammatory effect (Turmeric), whereas other remedies such as Milk thistle, support the removal of toxins from the body, through the liver. Taken daily, antioxidant supplements can help to reduce the devastating impact of toxins on the body, whilst supporting the health of the tissues and organs affected by these toxins.

Bioactive CurcuminWho benefits from taking herbal & nutritional antioxidants?

  • Nutra-Life Bio-Curcumin – supportive for the tissues of the joints and digestive system, this product is highly anti-oxidant and protective for individuals with arthritis and inflammatory gut conditions. Used for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory actions, Nutra-Life Bio-Curcumin is a highly bioavailable extract of Curcumin, the key active ingredient found in Turmeric root extracts.
  •  Enzogenol Nutra-Life Enzogenol – a potent, broad spectrum antioxidant, this product is sourced from NZ Pine Bark extract high in protective antioxidants particularly beneficial for  heart and circulatory system actions.

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