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Take Care of Your Second Brain with Apple-Powered Antioxidants

The human body has two brains, but not two brains as we know them. Our brain in our head is responsible for our thinking and processing. It is essentially a command center for our nervous system. The second brain, is located in our stomach. The human stomach contains certain elements of the nervous system, including chemicals that influence our mood. This nervous system operated independent of our brain and as a result, is a legitimate second brain. It controls our digestive system and more! Studies have also found a connection between mental health issues and low levels of healthy bacteria in the gut. In addition to our gut controlling our digestive system, it also determines some of the emotions we feel. Two hormones, dopamine and serotonin, which create positive feelings, are produced by the bacteria in our stomach. Many neurological issues are identified due to problems with digestive health. In fact, many researchers believe that an unhealthy digestive system causes many neurological and mental health issue. Here are 4 practical tips to improve gut health:
  1. Drink more water and eat more fibre.
  2. Eat more fermented foods, including yoghurt and sauerkraut.
  3. Avoid unnecessary antibiotic use.
  4. Support gut health by taking Activated Phenolics antioxidants.
Essentially, by improving your digestive health, you are helping to support brain health. If our gut is happy and healthy, we are less likely to suffer from illness or other health issues including mental health and neurological conditions.         Renovatio Activated Phenolics are extracted and activated naturally from Australian apples. This breakthrough technology from the University of Newcastle research is designed to create an ultra antioxidant compatible with our body which helps to reduce cellular inflammation. This includes inflammation in our digestive system, which is important due to the relationship between these cells and our nervous system. Activated Phenolics also supports the growth and healthy population of gut microflora. Taking Activated Phenolics daily helps with nutrients absorption, reducing the effects of IBS and other digestive issues and also contributes to improving the gut-brain signalling relationship.