Struggling with weight loss? Help is at hand

Struggling with weight loss? Help is at hand | Mr Vitamins
We all come in different shapes and sizes, but for some of us it is a constant struggle to shift the kilos. With the rise in processed and packaged foods laden with sugar, salt, unhealthy fats and additives, it’s no wonder we have an epidemic of obesity! Being at an ideal weight is important for reducing the risk of disease and keeping you looking and feeling vibrant, healthy and happy. Even those who do all the right things can struggle with sugar cravings, hunger and maintaining a healthy body composition.

Valuable weight loss tips

Don't despair there is still more you can do to begin to shift those kilos. Here are some tips to manage appetite, reduce sugar cravings and improve BMI (body mass index) and body composition:
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and low sugar fruits such as . They are high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, water, and fibre. Fibre stimulates the proliferation of friendly gut bacteria – the right kind of bacteria for weight loss
  • Eat good sources of protein such as fish, chicken breast, turkey, lean cut meats, eggs, legumes and raw nuts and seeds. Protein is known as a thermogenic food, meaning that it increases your metabolism during digestion
  • Include good fats in your diet including avocado, fish, raw nuts and seeds and coconut oil. These fats actually help to burn your stored fat. They will also help keep you fuller for much longer
  • Don’t skip meals. Doing so will slow your metabolism and will cause you to be hungry leading you to overeat at your next meal
  • Add cinnamonto your yoghurt, breakfast cereal, smoothies and fruit salads. Cinnamon is great for reducing sugar cravings and blood sugar levels and adds a wonderful flavor to your food and smoothies
  • Get moving. Exercise burns fat, boosts metabolism and improves energy and wellbeing. It’s important to find something you enjoy doing. Even a 20 minute walk each day is very very beneficial. Or how about joining a local bootcamp group, dance class, or martial arts academy? Or find a fitness buddy to go walking, running or cycling with. You may even enjoy the gym so make the most of the classes they offer and personal trainers that work there

What about fat burning supplements?

There are 100’s of supplements on the market so it can be a bit daunting when choosing the right one for you. Ideally you need one containing herbs and nutrients that will
  • Boost metabolism;
  • Reduce appetite; and
  • Enhance energy and endurance performance.

Ok, so what do I need to look for in a supplement?

The following nutrients can help speed up metabolism, reduce hunger, enhance energy and support weight loss.
  • Bitter Orange: Bitter orange is used for weight loss as it has been shown to reduce appetite and boost metabolism
  • Yerba Mate: Yerba mate is rich in antioxidants and may enhance energy and stamina, aid digestion, and help you feel full sooner while boosting your metabolism
  • Kelp: Kelp is high in iodine, which may increase the activity of the thyroid causing a boost in your metabolism and ability to breakdown excess fat
  • Chromium:Chromium may help to reduce sugar cravings and balance blood sugar levels.
  • Green tea: Green tea assists weight loss through its ability to increase your metabolism and burn fat. It may also increase energy and endurance, support healthy liver detoxification and immune response and is super high in antioxidants.

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