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Is your stress related to your gut Microbiome?

Is your stress related to your gut Microbiome? | Mr Vitamins
Put simply your gut Microbiome is a community of micro-organisms that reside in the same space. On and in the human body over 100 trillion microorganisms live in your mouth, your throat, in your gut, on your skin and elsewhere around your body. That is actually 10 times more than the number of human cells we have! The relationship between your microbiome and the human body is to beneficially work together with both depending on each other for survival. In your guts this bacteria started establishing itself at birth and continually changes throughout your lifetime. It is affected by your day-to-day diet and lifestyle and any medications you take along the way. You have your own unique combination of the 1000 plus species that live in your gut.

Why do you need this Microbiome in your gut?

Some of the reasons include:
  1. Effective metabolism – which impacts how well you absorb your nutrients. This can affect many health issues including cardiovascular health, development of chronic diseases, allergies and weight management
  2. To maintain a healthy gut
  3. To sustain an effective Immune system
  4. Support your nervous system. This in turn affects your mood, the quality of your sleep and your perception of pain.
  5. Bone Density
If you have attended one of our Friday workshops on Improving Digestion and Detox you would have already received an informative insight into our digestive microbiome. Did you know that your gut Microbiome plays a role in how well you deal with day to day stress and the effect it has on your health? This CSIRO video provides a more I in depth overview of what the gut microbiome is and why we have it…    


Janne Ramsay Naturopath

Janne Ramsay is a Naturopath and Nutritionist. She has experience in assessing how stress is affecting your health and providing appropriate and individual nutritional, dietary and lifestyle recommendations so that you can deal with the causes and symptoms of stress and get back to a healthier you.