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Sports Nutrition Performance – why do you need it?

sports nutrition photoAfter all the thrills of the London Olympic Games, it may be time to ask yourself whether you’re planning to be a pro-athlete or maybe just wanting to get fit and  begin a new sport? No matter what the answer, performance sports nutrition is a vital component of your healthy diet, delivering benefits that everyday food may not deliver. Supplementation not only gives you that elusive edge in performance, it may help address deficiencies in your diet that naturally result from hard training and competition.

Improved sports performance with supplements

Sport supplements may aid your ability to train harder, adapt quicker and perform better time and time again. Consistency is everything. All professional teams and athletes, in this country incorporate a supplement program at some level. Whether you’re a professional or social player, supplements are going to improve your game and possibly reduce your chance of injury.

Sports Nutrition for Football codes

If you play any of the football codes you will know it’s a high-energy, fast paced sport played usually longer than 80 minutes. So it is important to concentrate on ensuring sustainable energy and reducing fatigue. Which position you play will require similar yet different physical requirements and therefore your supplement program should be tailored to your individual needs and specific goals.

Post Game or Sports Nutrition Training Tip

Within 30 minutes of finishing a training session or game a protein supplement should be taken. Within the first 30 minutes after exercise, the body’s cells are most sensitive to nutrient uptake, following exertion and physical stress. Hormones important for growth and nutrient transport are also at peak levels, creating an environment for anabolism (tissue growth and repair). Protein is particularly important during this time for muscle development.  Which one you choose will depend on your individual goal.

Which protein should you take?

The type of protein you need will depend on your own goals. Do come in to Mr Vitamins to ask what is best for you. There are a several types of protein to consider: Whey, Rice, Pea, Egg, Soy.... The most alkalising protein often pea protein which can be use for whatever goal you have. Here are a few suggestions...

Goal A – Weight Gain

Original Mass Gainer is an ideal formula for those in a bulking phase or a heavy training/race/game phase. It contains both protein and carbohydrate for maximum muscle growth.

Goal B – Peak Performance

Balance 100% wpc/wpi Protein is a super protein source for building lean muscle tissue and to dramatically improve recovery. It is a low carb, high protein blend with added arginine and glutamine to further support growth.

Goal C – Weight Loss

Ultra-Ripped Protein is ideal for achieving the ultimate lean, ripped body. It contains whey protein isolate and added thermogenic herbs, green tea extract, carnitine, caffeine, chromium and Super Citramax® to assist with fat metabolism. Girls - it may give you an advantage to start with an easy 2-5 days detox, then a low carb/low sugar diet, plus a multi gender protein powder as a breakfast replacement.

Get the best Sports Nutrition advice

At Mr Vitamins we have a specialised department dedicated to sports nutrition, toietgether with dedicated staff who train and body build themselves.  They can advise you and are able to answer your questions from personal experience.

Interested in Vegan Body Building?

Thomas Vegan Body Builder
Thomas: Vegan Body Builder & Fitness Advisor
Mr Vitamins has you covered there too - come in and talk to Thomas - he is super fit and buff - all on a plant based diet.