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Is your skincare making you cranky, sluggish and fat?

Chemicals in skincareChemical-laden skincare can be disrupting your Hormonal Balance

It may be difficult to see the link between your skincare and how it can impact on your hormones, but science is now finding that daily, accumulated exposure to specific chemicals in the products you use every day can be harmful to your health. Exposure to environmental chemicals can lead to a range of health concerns such as skin irritations, respiratory ailments and even cancer.

What you put on your skin enters your body

We are becoming increasingly aware that what you put on your skin, your largest organ, can enter into your body and organs via your bloodstream. You also know that accumulated exposure to these synthetics, chemicals and toxins can impact your health and wellbeing. Studies reveal that some of these chemicals in your cosmetics, skincare, personal care products are endocrine-disruptive, meaning they can change the way your hormones work within your body.

How commercial skincare can disrupt your hormones and cause weight gain and more

Your endocrine system (consisting of glands such as the thyroid, ovaries and testes) is responsible for regulating a significant range of biological processes including your metabolism, blood sugar levels, growth and function of your reproductive system, and organ development. It consists of hormones such thyroxine, testosterone and oestrogen. Oestrogen, for example, is very important in the female menstrual cycle and can impact on moods and weight. When chemicals, such as parabens and phlatates, known to disrupt these hormones, are added to products, they can severely impact the effectiveness of  naturally-produced hormones and create havoc in terms of our weight, your moods and your general wellbeing.  

When you keep using the products it adds to the dose of chemicals you're receiving

While small traces of chemicals may be found in each product, the problem arises when you use several products on your skin every single day. A study by the University of California, Berkeley, found that lipsticks can contain as many as nine different chemicals. If used twice a day, they provided more than 20 per cent of a person's acceptable daily intake (ADI) for aluminium, cadmium and manganese. Then consider that as well as lipstick, women may be using a cleanser, moisturiser, sunblock, hand cream, body lotion, toothpaste, foundation, mascara, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, over and over again. Accumulation of these chemicals, every single day, means your body is working harder to metabolise and eliminate these chemicals. When your body is working hard, it adds a lot of pressure on your natural elimination processes of your important organs, leading to toxicity, overload and poor function.

Ditch the chemical-laden skincare and try natural!!

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