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Sage: The Common Herb That Can Improve Memory

Sage: The Common Herb That Can Improve Memory | Mr Vitamins

Forget the brain-training games, apps, and weekly crosswords, there’s new research to show the secret to better brain function can be sourced from your very own garden - Sage. It’s long been loved for its strong aroma, earthy flavour and many health benefits, but now clinical trials from the UK reveal that sage can also improve brain function, in particular, memory.


What Are The Benefits of Sage?

Studies have found that this common garden herb has properties that can significantly improve cognitive performance, especially within young adults and the elderly. Packed with nutrients and important compounds, sage extracts possess enzymes that help the formation of memories and have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that produce many cognitive benefits.

Dr Keiron Edwrads, Spokesperson for Sibelius Sage says "Inflammation is increasingly recognised as a risk factor for many age-related conditions, including cognitive decline. SibeliusTM: Sage may help to counteract the pro-inflammatory conditions associated with both cognitive diseases and poor cognitive performance."

What Have Studies Found?

Separate clinical trials explored the impact of a type of sage grown and harvested by Sibelius, a natural product company from Oxford University. The first trial looked at the impacts of sage in adults over 65 and found almost immediate significant improvements in secondary memory and attention. The second trial looked at cognitive performance within young adults aged 18-25 and found notable effects on the participants’ short term memory and ability to recall information.

Experts are praising the promising nature of the results and the impact that sage has on age-related conditions and the state of natural health decline.

“Sage can be used daily to improve our basic memory function – the research demonstrates that SAGE can assist with alertness, reduction in memory fog and help us remember basic things much faster: i.e where did I put my keys? Or where did I park my car?” says Dr Keiron Edwards.

The Best Ways To Use Sage

Sage boasts a number of amazing health benefits, ranging from lowering blood sugar levels to preventing chronic diseases, strengthening bones and now also improving cognitive function. Aside from these benefits however, sage is a favourable herb of choice to add flavour and improve the quality of many meals.

Some of the best ways to include sage in your dishes:

  • Mix sage with a pinch of salt and pepper to rub into meats before cooking them.
  • Sprinkle sage into boiled potatoes before mashing them
  • Add a pinch of sage with vegetables for a healthier omelette

And best of all...

  • Make a sage butter with parmesan to coat your favourite pasta or gnocchi
  • Now you can impress any dinner guests with a delicious spread and your knowledge of the health benefits of sage with the next meal you prepare. Thanks to using the sage, you’ll have an improved memory to remember them all!
    Author: Dr Kieron Edwards