Royal Jelly – A fountain of youth

royal jelly benefits photoThe Fountain of Youth  is a mythical and elusive source of everlasting life and beauty. Could it really exist? Royal Jelly is a natural substance often connected to anti-ageing and rejuvenation. A product of the bee hive, Royal Jelly is used to create and raise a Queen Bee. This may be the reason Royal Jelly is associated with longevity of life – the Queen Bee, the only bee fed exclusively on Royal Jelly, lives more than 30 times as long as her subjects!

Royal Jelly and rejuvenation: myth, magic, or science?

Legends tell of beautiful Queens who used Royal Jelly to maintain their looks, of powerful Kings who sought Royal Jelly for strength and of oriental potentates who used Royal Jelly to increase their sexual prowess. But can this mythical substance really have such potency?

The science behind Royal Jelly

A quick look at the chemical composition of Royal Jelly, and you can see why it might be beneficial to lasting health and beauty. Royal Jelly contains an abundance of natural hormones needed for normal body functions. It is rich in vitamins A, C and E – all associated with healthy skin and anti-ageing. It contains 20 amino acids plus fatty acids, sugars and important proteins such arginine which is vital for cardiovascular health, and lysine, which is associated with low cholesterol, fat metabolism and collagen production.  The gelatin in Royal Jelly is also associated with collagen production, and may be another factor in the maintenance of a youthful appearance. If you’re still not convinced, Royal Jelly is also rich in B Complex vitamins, which are known to assist nervous system function, and reduce stress – one of the biggest contributors to premature ageing and illness.

So what's magic about Royal Jelly?

This is the big question. The vitamin, mineral and protein elements in Royal Jelly are obviously beneficial for good health and improved skin quality, but there is still something about Royal Jelly that science cannot explain. About 3% of the constituents of Royal Jelly remain a mystery. Perhaps this 3% is the magical secret behind the powerful activity of Royal Jelly for assisting or improving your well-being.

Do you want to wind back the clock?

The desire to regain youth and hold on to beauty is as common now as ever; the cosmetics industry is testament to that!  Instead of trying the next anti-ageing lotion or potion, why not try a little Royal Jelly magic, and behold the difference!

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