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Refrigerated Vs. Non-Refrigerated Probiotics: Which is best for you?

Refrigerated Vs. Non-Refrigerated Probiotics: Which is best for you? | Mr Vitamins
As you probably already know, not all Probiotics are created equal so should you take Refrigerated or Non-Refrigerated Probiotics. While probiotics can benefit your health and overall well-being in a number of ways, they are only as effective as the condition of the live bacteria they contain. When you get your probiotics from foods, like yoghurt or sauerkraut, you know that that food will reach a point when you can no longer eat it because it will spoil from bacterial overgrowth. However, probiotic supplements are different in that their bacterial content declines over time even in the refrigerator!

Enter Non-Refrigerated Probiotics…

As it turns out, the amount of water a probiotic contains, commonly called its moisture content, determines how long bacteria thrive within the supplement. Therefore, probiotics with higher moisture contents require refrigeration whereas probiotics with very low moisture contents (less than 2.0%) do not require refrigeration. Probiotics with this very low moisture content undergo a process called freeze drying in which water is removed without harming the bacteria leaving the bacteria in a deep, dormant state. Keeping the bacteria in that dormant state protects them from declining in number or quality with changes in temperature. In fact, the bacteria do not become active until they are exposed to moisture.

6 Benefits of Non-Refrigerated Probiotics

  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Low sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Longer shelf life
  • Slower declining bacteria levels than refrigerated probiotics
  • Guaranteed live bacteria
  • Highly potent bacteria

Mr Vitamins Recommends

Healthy Essentials freeze-dried, Australian-made probiotics which are manufactured at extremely low humidity levels and packaged in pharmaceutical grade glass bottles for 100% moisture protection; plus:
  • Quality manufacturing processes are strictly controlled
  • Live bacteria counts are higher than specified on the label
  • No refrigeration is required when stored at 30℃ or below
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