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Propolis: Immune Support from New Zealand's bees

Honey Bee Swarm and HiveA key Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy, Propolis is a natural substance made by bees from the sap and resin of trees that surround the hive. Protective of the environment of the hive and the health of its worker bees and queen, bees use Propolis to reduce the ability of microbial invaders such as bacteria, viruses and fungi from infecting the hive.

Boost your immune system with work of bees!

Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, New Zealand Propolis provides support for your body’s immune system, by helping it to build strong defences against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Used traditionally in the treatment of minor mouth and throat infections, Propolis can be used as a liquid or capsule. When deciding which propolis is best for you, be sure to check its freshness (use fresh Propolis, rather than dried Propolis where you can) and also its country of origin.

Not all propolis is the same...

The composition of propolis depends on the type of trees available in the surrounding environment of the bees, meaning the more protective and antioxidant rich the trees are, the more potent the Propolis. New Zealand sourced Propolis is particularly potent due to the presence of key antioxidants in levels 7x higher than traditional sourced Propolis from China or Brazil (the worlds two greatest sources of Propolis).

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Nutra-Life New Zealand Propolis

A high strength, natural extract, sourced by bees from New Zealand flowers and buds this formula is encapsulated in small, high potency 120mg capsules. High in flavonoids (up to 50mg per daily dose), and naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Propolis has a long traditional use in supporting immune and mouth health. Find out more about Nutra-Life Propolis here