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Planning a baby? Don't forget your Microbiome!

Planning a baby? Don't forget your Microbiome! | Mr Vitamins
Planning a baby and bringing that new life into the world is an exciting time for everyone, but especially the mother-to-be! At this time more than ever, most mothers start paying closer attention to their diets, activity level, and overall health. Well, one particular facet of your health is as important to your health as it is to your baby’s health; so, it should certainly not be overlooked. And that is, your microbiome.

My Microbiome... What is that again?

Your microbiome is simply the collection of microorganisms that live on and inside your body. From food cravings to immunity, these microorganisms play crucial roles in your overall health. Nevertheless, what you may not know is that your microbiome has a life long influence on your baby’s immunity.

Planning a baby includes ensuring your baby's immunity

It’s true! Babies’ first exposure to bacteria comes from their mother during birth. Babies born vaginally are actually coated in microbes from mother’s birth canal; babies born by caesarean section only receive microbes from mother’s skin.

Caring for your Vaginal Microflora is important

Studies show that changes in the vaginal microflora, as seen with antibiotic use, can result in the overgrowth of unfavourable bacteria which directly affect babies before and after birth. In fact, a child’s bacterial exposure during the first three years of life has both short and long term effects on his or her growth, development, diet, and lifestyle. So, do not neglect your vaginal microflora during pregnancy. If you do have to deliver your baby by caesarean section then their Microbiome can be enriched with a probiotic supplement, specifically designed for babies. See below for conditions and dosages for babies*

The benefits of a healthy Microbiome

Benefits to Mother
  • Stronger immunity
  • Regulated digestion
  • Beneficial vaginal flora
  • Lower risk for breast, urinary tract, and yeast infections
Benefits to Baby
  • Immunity development
  • Exposure to beneficial bacteria at birth
  • Higher quality breast milk
  • Lower risk of allergies and eczema

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