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Oil your squeaky joints with Kunzea Essential Oil

Oil your squeaky joints with Kunzea Essential Oil | Mr Vitamins
Joints can benefit from being oiled both on the outside and the inside!

Oil your joints from the outside

Let me share with you some insights into Kunzea essential oil and how it can help in arthritic joints and back pain. Kunzea ambigua is a new essential oil having been introduced to Aromatherapists only in the past decade. Kunzea is an Australia native plant, and in the same botanical family as both Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. From the chemistry of the oil, and testing to date, we know that it is a great analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It contains enough chemical similarity to Eucalyptus and Tea Tree to also make it helpful with colds and flu’s.  Like all essential oils, it is also antimicrobial and therefore helpful with wounds. In my clinical practice, I have found it particularly useful for
  • Lower back pain
  • Joints that need replacement surgery
  • Joints suffering from sporting injuries.
In chronic pain such as back pain, sleep becomes difficult, leading to depression that comes from the lack of sleep and pain combined. By easing the pain, sleep is easier. Considered an anxiolytic, Kunzea can also more directly improve sleep where anxiety is a problem.

The Vibratuional aspect of Kunzea

The chemistry of an oil is only one aspect, only one level on which an oil works.  Essential oils also work on a vibrational level much as flower essences do. In my experience, I have found Kunzea to be particularly effective where pain is accompanied by a need for greater emotional support. Remembering the first time I smelt Kunzea, there was a tangible surge of power that ran down my spine. Since then I have successfully used it, in particular, to reduce and alleviate lower back pain in people who feel emotionally unsupported. Kunzea Arnica Omega 3To use this lovely oil for your squeaky joints, combine it with Sandalwood and Arnica, and then apply as needed to your arthritic or painful joints, particularly before sleep.  (Please refer to How to Use Essential Oils for proportions etc)

Oil your joints from the inside

The oil for this is of course, Fish Oil!  Fish Oil is full of wonderful Omega 3 that reduces inflammation. The tricky part is knowing what to look for in a fish oil in order to get the one that will make a difference. All fish oils contain Omega 3, but a concentrated fish oil contains more.

What is Omega 3?

There are 3 types of Omega 3, all with very long, difficult to-pronounce, names; the short versions are EPA, DHA and ALA. The first two of these occur in fish oils, and EPA helps reduce inflammation, whereas DHA is the Omega 3 that helps with brain function. Look for fish oil that has over 300mg of EPA per capsule and use 4 capsules per day to help reduce inflammation and pain. Finally, don’t forget some gentle exercise also keeps joints naturally lubricated and functioning well.

Maria MitchellConsult with Maria Mitchell at Mr Vitamins Clinic

Maria Mitchell is a qualified Aromatherapist and Herbalist whose passion has led her into teaching, and writing about the healing power of Aromatherapy. You can learn more about Maria here