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Natural treatments for living with Pyroluria

Problems about Pyroluria photoIf you have been diagnosed with Pyroluria then you may have also been diagnosed with other conditions such as nutrient deficiencies, digestive problems, anxiety or depression. In this case, you should know that there are effective natural treatments available to you. A Naturopath who understands this condition can give you expert advice and develop a treatment plan for you. See Part 1 of this article for an introduction to this important topic of Pyroluria

Some facts about Pyroluria

  • Pyroluria is a genetic blood disorder that causes the haemoglobin synthesis by-product, HPL, to build up in your body faster than it can be eliminated in your urine
  • Excess HPL, forms complexes with Zinc and Vitamin B6 preventing absorption of these nutrients by your body
  • The resulting Zinc and Vitamin B6 deficiencies compromise brain, emotional, and digestive health
  • Pyroluria is commonly diagnosed in approximately 27% of schizophrenic patients, 20% of autistic patients, and 10% of the general population
  • Overall, more women are diagnosed with Pyroluria than men

Supplement Treatment for Pyroluria

A number of nutritional imbalances can arise from Pyroluria. Deficiencies in B6 and Zinc can lead to Magnesium and Manganese deficiencies as well as potentially high levels of Copper, which is toxic in excessive concentrations in your body. There are appropriate blood tests available to assess your Zinc and Copper levels. Supplemental doses of Magnesium are important to reduce anxiety and tension and to help support healthy brain chemistry, as low levels of Zinc and Vitamin B6 are associated with reduced bioavailability of Magnesium. Other neurotransmitters such as Serotonin may need support too. There are herbal medicines and specific nutritional supplements to help with this. However in cases where a person is already taking anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications, great care needs to be taken and an experienced Naturopath always should be consulted.

Dietary management of pyroluria

A healthy diet low in processed foods, sugars and stimulants is critical in managing Pyroluria. Your Naturopath will work with you to formulate an eating plan that is both manageable and effective for you. This eating plan may change with time as your symptoms change Mr Vitamins naturopath Peter Radi has made a special study of Pyroluria and other related health conditions. So do not risk your peace of mind or overall health, ask a naturopath and schedule a consultation today!