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Methylation - the vital health process you may be missing out on

Methylation - the vital health process you may be missing out on | Mr Vitamins
Responsible for the key process of methylation in the body, new research is starting to link deficiencies in key B complex vitamins as a crucial causative factor in a growing number of modern health related issues.

Why is methylation so important?

Methylation is a vital chemical reaction that occurs in the body. Without it, energy production, hormone production and activation, the deactivation of unhealthy cellular processes, and the removal of toxins from the body do not occur. Methylation can only occur when the cells are properly fuelled with B vitamins, folate and a range of amino acid cofactors.
  • Found in dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, bokchoy, spinach and raddichio (in the case of folate)
  • Found in whole grains, nuts and seeds (in the case of vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5 & 6) and
  • Found in animal foods (in the case of B12)
So eating a balanced, nutrient rich diet has never been so important.

Organic is best

Whilst wholefood forms of these vitamins are best, modern farming methods and the over-processing of foods have lead to a restricted nutrient density in food once thought of as nutritive. For this reason, it is vital to choose organic/biodynamic produce where possible, and/or consider a quality vitamin supplement should your health suffer as a result of poor methylation.

Avoid methylation disrupters

The difficulty with methylation comes when you encounter methylation disrupters in your daily life. These include chemicals and toxins found in the air, water, in cosmetics, cleaning products, and even in the food you consume on a daily basis. The more methylation disrupters you face, the less likely your body is going to be able to maintain balanced metabolic processes like hormone and neurotransmitter production, free radical removal and toxin removal. This puts you at more risk of the development of chronic disease states such as cancer, diabetes, inflammatory illnesses and neurological condition states.

Methylation vital for your health

Methylation is a process that catalyses many critical chemical reactions in the body and relies on the consumption of certain vitamins for its success. So some individuals may benefit by supplementing with B vitamins, folate, and other cofactors for methylation. That way they can make sure that their lifestyle isn’t outweighing the benefits of their food and nutrient intake.

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