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Get complete protein from plants (good for meat lovers too)

Get complete protein from plants (good for meat lovers too) | Mr Vitamins
Proteins are essential to life, as they form the basis of many tissues and sustain a variety of key processes in the body. In order to meet your body’s daily requirements for protein, it is best to consume a wide variety of foods from either (or both) plant and animal origin, supplementing where necessary with easy to absorb and digest protein supplements.

What is complete protein?

Every food contains some protein, made up of a cluster of different amino acids. Serving as the building blocks for protein, different amino acids have differing affects in the body and can be found in varying amounts in different foods. This means some foods have much more protein per serve than others, and so some foods are a much better source of this key nutrient. The best sources of protein come with a complete amino acid profile, meaning all essential amino acids (those that must be consumed in the diet, daily), and non-essential amino acids (that do not need to be consumed every day for life to continue) are present.

Always choose a fermented, sprouted protein source

Vegetable source proteins contain the best amino acid profile when they contain fermented and sprouted source material. Choosing a combination of ingredients, such as a mix of pea and brown rice protein, will also increase your chances of consuming a more balanced, complete profile of amino acids. Plant proteins can also be a great choice for daily protein supplementation, due to their ability to be much more easily digested than animal source proteins, (which often lead to constipation and other digestive conditions). Choosing a plant protein with added digestive enzymes will also enhance your ability to properly digest and breakdown this clean source of protein into its individual amino acids for eay absorption. Suitable for vegans, plant protein also provide a great natural source of protein for those who choose not to consume any animal products in their daily life.

Mr Vitamins recommends:

Nutra-Life WHOLE+ Organic Protein Powder

This clean, natural, vegan friendly formula contains a mix of pea and rice protein isolates, combined to provide a complete essential & non-essential amino acid profile for total wholefood nutrition. Sourced from natural ingredients, this easy-to-prepare plant- based protein shake is a great alternative to traditional whey (dairy) and soy proteins, contains nothing artificial, and also contains five digestive enzymes to assist digestion. Find out more about Nutra-Life WHOLE+ Organic Protein Powder here