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Manuka Honey: An essential part of your home First Aid Kit

Manuka Honey: An essential part of your home First Aid Kit | Mr Vitamins
One of the most proven uses for Manuka Honey is putting it on your skin rather than in your mouth.

Why should Manuka Honey be in your First Aid Kit?

Indigenous Maoris in New Zealand have been using honey to treat wounds and battle scars way before the benefits of consuming Manuka Honey rose to fame. Manuka Honey is used in hospitals around the world for wound treatments burns cases, diabetic foot or leg ulcers, pressure sores and other slow healing wounds. On a less serious scale, this honey is perfect for common household injuries such as minor cuts and burns, grazes and sores which can all respond quickly to topical applications of Manuka honey.

The healing properties of Manuka honey

  • Manuka honey has powerful antibacterial activity when applied externally to wounds and broken skin
  • Manuka honey has a direct anti-inflammatory action and stimulates natural cell repair when applied directly to the wound
  • Manuka honey has a debriding action which helps clear the wound site of debris while protecting the new healthy tissue
  •  Manuka honey is a humectant, drawing excess fluid away while still maintaining a moist wound site beneficial for healing and limiting scarring

How Manuka honey works for wound care

  • Speeds healing and repair of damaged tissue
  • Fights and prevents infection and excessive inflammation
  • Helps clean the wound by drawing away and absorbing excess fluid and wound debris
  • Maintains a moisture-balanced and low-pH environment ideal for healing
  • Helps prevent scab formation and scarring

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