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Love Your Herbs and They Will Love You Back!

Love Your Herbs and They Will Love You Back! | Mr Vitamins
Are you thinking about starting a family? Are you trying to get in the mood for love? Well, stress, fatigue, illness, anxiety, or just trying too hard, can get in the way sometimes. So, it is completely understandable if you need a little bit of help in the area of making a baby. You should also know that certain events going on inside your body can challenge getting in the mood or overall fertility. This goes for men who may be experiencing andropause or prostate enlargement as well as women who may be going through menopause. Fortunately, there are a variety of herbs you can rely on to get you both back on track.

Reliable Herbal solutions for your Fertility challenges

Whether your fertility challenges are physical, mental, or emotional, there are specific herbs that can help you and your partner. Some wonderful tablet and liquid formulas are readily available on the market. Liquid formulas usually get to work in your body faster than tablets, because they get into your bloodstream faster.

 Here are some herbal recommendations by condition:

  • Fertility Try ashwanganda, chaste tree, damiana, tribulus, or false unicorn to increase overall fertility
  • Menopause Try wild yam, sage, or black cohosh to relieve hot flushes caused by excess eostrogen
  • Men’s Libido Try nettles or green oats to boost male libido
  • Anxiety Try herbal nervines, like passion flower and withania, to calm your nerves without making you fall asleep

Overlooked activities that can inhibit Fertility

If you are planning to start a family, then you should do just that—plan! And that involves preparing your body to not just make a baby, but also carrying a baby. Couples that do not participate in this activity can sometimes inhibit their ability to have a baby. Thus, there are an excellent range of pre-conception vitamins to help a woman’s body. Likewise, men can prepare themselves with certain vitamins or supplements, such as zinc and vitamin E. Men or women that body-build should also beware of muscle enhancers, which introduce extra eostrogen to the body. That extra eostrogen has a major impact on your body and can also prevent fertility.

Schedule a consultation with Poppy Osprey

Poppy Osprey is a qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Naturopath. She specialises in taking full medical histories as well as tailor-making herbal blends and tonics for her clients. Among her creative tonics and herbal blends is an eostrogen-free muscle enhancer and her completely herbal, side-effect-free, “Poppy’s Passion Potion.” This special potion is available for men and women and is a much safer alternative to Viagra. “I believe everyone has the right to enjoy life and good health to their maximum potential; but, sometimes along the way we need a little help. Herbs bring to the body a force which stimulates energy; therefore, whether you are an elite athlete or a homemaker, they can help restore your vitality.”—Poppy Osprey “Recapture the thrill of living.”—Thomas Bartram, Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists Find out more about Poppy and schedule a session here