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Keep your phone out of your pocket guys!

Cell Phone in Man's Pocket.sjpgResearch has shown that men who carry their mobile phone in their pants pocket have 8% less viable sperm than those who don’t! If you are concerned about your sperm's viability you need to read this article.

Why is it an issue?

Most electronics emit an electromagnetic frequency known as EMF. These ionizing frequencies have been known to cause health issues such as:
  • headaches
  • chronic fatigue
  • free radical damage
  • immune system weakness and
  • cancer
Cell phones, radio, and wi-fi emit non-ionizing radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR). This is similar to EMF but RF-EMR is specifically radio waves. Radio waves are at a lower frequency than other types of EMF such as x-rays but can still cause damage. The World Health Organization has classified this type of radiation as a level 2 carcinogen in the same category as some chemicals, foods and automotive exhaust.

Here's what emits RF-EMR frequencies

  • TV and radio broadcasts
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wireless phones
  • Mobile phones and other Bluetooth connections
  • Satellite & wireless communication systems

What do the studies say?

The University of Exeter published a recent study in the Environmental Internationals journal. It found that there is a link between low sperm quality and men who carry cell phones in their trouser pockets due to RF-EMR exposure. This is a very important finding for men who are already struggling with infertility. Ten different studies that included 1,492 men from fertility centres measured their sperm concentration, motility and viability. They defined:
  • motility as a term used to describe proper movement of sperm
  • viability as the measurement of live sperm cells and
  • concentration as the amount of sperm cells in a specific amount of semen

The results

These studies found that men who carried cell phones in their pockets had 8% less mobile and less viable sperm than men who had limited exposure. More exposure to cell phone RF-EMR and phones that emit higher levels of radiation raised the percentage of damage. The same results were found in both in-vitro (in laboratory controlled) studies and in-vivo (outside the lab) studies.

Why do mobile phones damage sperm?

The RF-EMR frequencies that cells phones emit are believed to create free radicals that cause cellular damage. Your body uses DNA to create new cells. Free radicals damage the body’s DNA so cells cannot reproduce more healthy cells. Another factor in the destruction of sperm is exposure to heat created by cell phones, excess heat has been shown to decrease the amount of sperm produced.

How can you limit your exposure to RF-EMR frequencies?

  • Turn your mobile phone off and do not carry it on your body
  • Turn off your wireless Internet when not using it or go back to a plug in version
  • Do not place your laptop on your lap when your wireless Internet connection is active
  • Limit your exposure to Wi-Fi
  • Use corded phones
Lower your risk of exposure by using electronics and cell phones wisely. 'Ask a naturopath' for more ways to increase your fertility levels.