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How often do you bath your baby? Could your baby be too clean?

How often do you bath your baby? Could your baby be too clean? | Mr Vitamins
How often do you bath your baby? Dermatologists agree that we bathe ourselves and our children more often than necessary? The reason we do this is because of cultural norms not for health reasons. Cleaning your baby’s skin too often, particularly in warm water, can dry out and irritate the skin, washing away the good bacteria that naturally exists on their skin, and introduce small cracks that put your baby at a higher risk of infection. In addition, research shows that early exposure to dirt and bacteria may make the skin less sensitive and prevent allergies and conditions like eczema.

Do you bath your baby every day?

Babies do not need to be washed every day, as they are usually in a clean, sheltered environment and their bodies still secrete very little sebum or sweat. It is best to clean the nappy area, face and neck, and tiny hands and feet as and when needed.

Which cleansing products to use

Choose cleansing products with very gentle, natural surfactants that will not disrupt your baby’s sebum layer, skin pH and skin flora. A gentle baby body wash is ideal for partial cleansing. Add a small amount of body wash to a moistened cloth to clean the nappy and other areas. After application the product should be thoroughly rinsed off with clean water. If your baby’s skin is dry and prone to irritation then it is best to use a body oil to clean the nappy area. Water can disrupt the protective acid mantle of sensitive babies and it’s best to limit their contact with water. When you do need to bathe your baby, add a creamy bath milk or oil to the water to prevent their skin from drying. A baby shampoo and body wash can be used as a head-to-toe shower product for babies or young children who are able to sit or stand in the bath or shower. Baby’s hair should only be washed as and when necessary and never every day, so as not to affect the delicate balance of sebum production. Care must also be taken here to rinse the shampoo out thoroughly.


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