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Is Lyme Disease in Australia?

Is Lyme Disease in Australia? | Mr Vitamins
Lyme disease affects over a million people worldwide. Mr Vitamins has reported before on the prevalence of Lyme Disease in Australia. On A Current Affair on Thursday 9th April 2015 the topic of Lyme Disease in Australia was once more a major media feature. Here is that report given on Thursday’s episode: Why is Australia still ignoring Lyme Disease?

What do you do if you get bitten by a tick?

Removing ticks in a safe and efficient way to avoid contamination from tick to human is the first and best line of defence. Mr Vitamins Naturopath Janne Ramsay has written many articles on this as she spends many hours enjoying the beauty of our beautiful and unique landscape. Safe removal of ticks was demonstrated in Ticked off: Lyme Disease in Australia and Ticks: We know there is Lyme’s Disease, but wait there is more and of course perhaps avoiding ticks in the first place Insect bite or Insect Repellent, which is better. It is important to seek immediate medical assistance if the tick has been on its host:
  • for more than 4 hours,
  • has not been removed correctly,
  • has caused an erythematous (Bullseye) rash
  • or is followed by cold-like symptoms or aching joints
Websites such as the Karl McManus Foundation or Lyme Disease Association Australia have a list of doctors who acknowledge the presence of Lyme’s disease in Australia and can provide the necessary immediate protocol to minimise the effects of contamination. Support with natural therapies can help to support and strengthen the body from the side effects of the medical protocol.

Some celebrities who have had Lyme Disease

Famous celebrities who have Lyme’s Disease include Richard Gere, Ben Stiller, Christy Turlington, Daryl Hall, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Alec Baldwin, past American president George Bush, authors Amy Tan (Joy Luck Club) and Alice Walker (The Colour Purple), grand-slam tennis player Jennifer Capriani and more recently diagnosed Avril Lavigne.

Article by Naturopath Janne Ramsay