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Iridology is the study of the Iris, the complex musculovascular coloured part of the eye that surrounds the pupil. The iris contains dilator muscles that cause dilation in response to stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, constrictor muscles that constrict the pupil in response to the parasympathetic nervous system and over 28,000 individual nerve fibres. The muscles of the iris are the only muscles in the body derived from neuroectoderm, the same tissue found in the brain and spinal cord. Many health professionals believe this similarity reflects genetic inheritance. The iris is the summation of our inborn characteristics. It represents the reactive capability of an individual, which in turn determines their capacity for adaptation physically, mentally and emotionally. Every part of the iris is connected (by a potential reflex action) to the organs and tissues in our body. If an organ has a tendency for weakness, or perhaps there may be an inherited family predisposition, this may be revealed in the corresponding location of the iris. It is important to note that Iridology is an effective health screening tool used by health practitioners to determine the potential for certain constitutional strengths and weaknesses. It is not a diagnostic tool to diagnose disease. By looking into the eyes, practitioners can gain great insight into how to best optimise the health of an individual. If you would like to know more about what your eyes reveal, please book an appointment with one of our iridology practising Naturopaths at Mr Vitamins today. BOOK NOW