Homeopathy and The Queen

It's the queen's Diamond Jubilee! HomeopathyAfter 60 years on the throne and still looking great at 86, what might be the health secrets of our beloved monarch, Queen Elizabeth II?

What are Queen Elizabeth II's Health secrets?

  • A loving and supportive husband (who never steals the limelight - except when he makes a gaff!!)
  • Having your mum with you, again for support and guidance for 50 years (she died in 2002). Her sister Princess Margaret too died in 2002
  • The love and support of the British people (most of the time!) and those of the Commonwealth plus many other countries around the world
  • Knowing, accepting and performing your role with discipline, dedication, nobility of purpose and grace

Add to these More of her Health Secrets...

  • A healthy lifestyle which includes good fresh food (probably from her own estates) some or all of which may be organic (Prince Charles is a great advocate and grower of organic food)
  • Only the finest wines (we surmise)
  • Moderate exercise – those corgies keep her on her toes these days but, of course, she was an avid horsewoman
  • A Homeopathic Physician (who of course practices homeopathy)

Homeopathy: fit for a Queen

Yes that’s right- the Queen's doctor is a Homeopath and Homeopathy has played a large part in the lives of many royals. King George VI used and valued homeopathy greatly. So much so, that he granted royal title to the London Homeopathic Hospital. It then became the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. In 2010 its name was changed to the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine, still keeping the royal designation. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was also a great devotee of homeopathy, treating both her family and her dogs too, with homeopathic medicines (including Arnica for any injury).

Royal patronage for Homeopathic Hospital

Queen Elizabeth II has continued the royal patronage of Homeopathy and the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Her Homeopath is Dr. Peter Fisher who is the Medical Director of the now Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine. To learn more about Homeopathy, which forms part of Naturopathic qualifications here in Australia, come into the Mr Vitamins store and Ask a Naturopath. There are a number of homeopathic medicines available at the Mr Vitamins store. When Mr Vitamins himself - Abraham James became a qualified Naturopath (as well as being a qualified pharmacist), he had a busy natural therapies practice in Melbourne – with a full homeopathic dispensary.