Healthy Joints - How to speed Recovery after Injury

group with weight training equipment on sport gymIf you love going to the gym, it's important to realise that healthy joints allow you to keep training hard. If your joints aren't operating efficiently, your ability to lift heavy weights and perform certain exercises becomes limited. If you are injured, or in pain, here are some ways to nurse your joints back to heath.

Healthy Joints 1: Optimise your Nutrition

Supplying your joints with the correct nutrients will help them heal. Start your day with oatmeal muesli and add wheat germ. The Wheat germ contains octacosanol, which increases muscle oxygenation and helps prevents strains. The Wheat Germ is also a good source of vitamin E, which aids healing.

Healthy Joints 2: Take The Time To Recover

While it's hard to grant your body the time it needs to recover, doing so is essential. Going back to any strenuous training before your shoulders, wrists, or knees are ready, will result in more serious injuries in the future, and could incapacitate you permanently. Sleep is a great way to enable your body to recover, so make sure you're getting your eight hours of sleep a night.

Healthy Joints 4: Warming Up

Even before you go back to working out full force, making any kind of warm up a habit will keep your muscles healthy, which keeps your joints working well. When you warm up, you circulate the blood, and increase your muscle's ability to stretch. This prevents you from having awkward movements or overexerting muscles that haven't received enough oxygen.

Healthy Joints 5: Yin Yoga

Some people refer to Yin Yoga as "joint rehabilitation." This Yoga teaches you to relax in poses that you hold long enough for the stretches to penetrate the connective tissue in your spine, hips, and other joints. As a result, this form of yoga helps you release any sticking points in your joints.

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