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Having a Healthy Heart in 2017

Having a Healthy Heart in 2017 | Mr Vitamins
Cholesterol is a biomarker that is an accepted indicator of overall cardiovascular health. It is important to have a strategic plan on how to look after your heart and cardiovascular system, as well as maintain healthy cholesterol levels. You can actively take steps to keep your heart healthy through diet, exercise, stress management, and supplementation. Reducing lifestyle and dietary habits that add to inflammation and plaque build-up is essential.

Great things to add into your lifestyle for a Healthy Heart:

  • Movement – planned and increased incidental exercise, to improve circulation, removal of waste and to strengthen the heart muscle so it can keep pumping heartily well into your nineties.
  • Increase good fats – good fats such as Omega 3 help keep the balance in the arteries and keep them supple. They also reduce inflammation in the body and this is very beneficial for optimal heart function.
  • Time out to stress less– holidays are essential to help the nervous system “reboot” and to prevent chronic stress conditions. And weekly time out with friends, family and doing things you love like sports or hobbies also have very positive effects on reducing the impact of stress on the heart and body.
  • Get yearly check-ups – it is good to know where you are at with your health, and to monitor your improvements. General check-ups including cholesterol levels are helpful for preventing chronic illness and disease.
  • A heart-friendly diet – high in whole grains, fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and fish and low in salt, sugar and trans fats is a good start. These foods are rich in antioxidants & contain nutrients such as flavonoids and lycopenes that are beneficial for the heart.
  • Supplements – there are great herbs and supplements that can support heart health and healthy aging. Antioxidants are essential to protect the vessels from oxidative damage that encourages cholesterol to build up on vessel walls. Antioxidants all have beneficial effects on heart health. These include:
    • Grapeseed
    • Vitamin E & Lecithin
    • Magnesium
    • Garlic
    • Bergamet
    • Krill & Fish oils
Ask a naturopath in store for more information on which products can provide the specific support you need for a healthy cardiovascular system. Also see our article Cholesterol: how to keep healthy levels naturally