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Come on Guys it's Mo Mo Movember!

Movember MonthMovember = Mo Month

It’s Movember when mighty Moustache growing raises funds to support initiatives for Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Depression, the three biggest health issues men face.
  • The average life expectancy for men is five years less than women
  • Each year in Australia, close to 3,300 men die of prostate cancer
  • Four times as many men commit suicide compared with women
Check out the Aussie Movember website. You'll find links to donate to good causes for Men's Health: Movember Australia

Mental Health

Movember MentalHealthMental health problems in men can often go undetected or untreated. The reasons for this are numerous and complex but can often be attributed to a lack of awareness that there is a problem in the first place. Men may not be able to recognise or confidently articulate the signs and symptoms that they experience. There is additional pressure due to associated stigma (shame and embarrassment) preventing them from taking action and accessing mental health services.  Some men can instead act out with risk taking behaviour to numb or avoid the real problems they face. To many men, being “manly” means not admitting to any vulnerabilities or expressing emotions. However, men are not alone in what they are experiencing, the facts below show that men’s mental health problems should not be ignored:

What is Testicular Cancer?

Movember TesticularCancerStatisticTesticular cancer starts as an abnormal growth or tumour that develops in one or both testicles.
Testicular cancer commonly presents as a small hard lump, with swelling or a change in the consistency of the testicle. Some men also experience a dull ache in the testicle or lower abdomen. In the majority of cases, only one testicle is affected. Men, regardless of age, who find such an abnormality, should go to the doctor immediately.
Testicular cancer is a highly treatable type of cancer with a very good cure rate (about 95%) if found and treated early.

What is Prostate Cancer?

Movember ProstateCancerStatisticProstate cancer occurs when some of the cells in the prostate reproduce far more rapidly than normal, resulting in a tumour. If left untreated, prostate cancer cells may eventually spread from the prostate and invade distant parts of the body, particularly the lymph nodes and bones, producing secondary tumours in a process known as metastasis. One of the most worrying aspects of the disease is that most prostate cancers develop without men experiencing any symptoms in the early stages. For more information about Men's Health and the problems mentioned above check out the Aussie Movember website Movember Australia

Support resources for Men of all ages