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Green Tea Facts Sheet

Green Tea Facts Sheet | Mr Vitamins

Learn the benefits of Green Tea - great tasting and great for your health!

  • All tea is made from the same plant – the evergreen shrub Camellia sinensis.Different processing methods are used to transform the freshly harvested leaves into black, green, or white tea. These beverages differ not only in taste, but also in their chemical composition.
  • In order to get the best from your green tea, make sure you purchase high quality tea leaves. Allow up to a teaspoon of leaves for each cup, and prepare your tea in a ceramic (not metal) teapot. The catechins will take some time to be extracted from the leaves, so allow the tea to steep for around 10 minutes before pouring it into the teacups. Don’t add milk as it interferes with the medicinal actions of green tea, but if desired, lemon juice or sweetener can be used. When prepared this way, each cup of green tea contains 60-90 mg of catechins, around half of which are EGCG. To replicate the quantities of green tea, catechins and EGCG that have been scientifically shown to promote health, you’ll need to drink at least three cups of high quality green tea per day – and perhaps as many as ten cups – over several years.
  • Consider a high potency low caffeine Green Tea supplement. A quality Green Tea supplement can provide you the health benefits of green tea with ease of consistently acquiring a therapeutic dose without the caffeine.

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