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Fish Oil – a great choice for a healthy heart!

Fish Oil – a great choice for a healthy heart! | Mr Vitamins
With a traditional intake of high nutrient foods such as fresh oily fish, fresh vegetables and whole grains, the Japanese diet has long been regarded as one of the healthiest on earth. In fact, by consuming a mostly plant based diet and preferring fresh foods over pre-packaged or pre- prepared options, their population is protected from a number of preventable diseases, including many cancers. Most remarkably, they also experience significantly lower levels of heart disease than any westernised nation.

Japanese choose oily fish for protein

One of the ways Japanese people enjoy lower levels of heart disease, is their choice to consume only small amounts of red meat each week. Instead, they choose oily fish as their major source of protein and healthy fats, with the average intake peaking at upwards of 80g of oily fish every day. It is this high intake of oily fish that plays a major role in reducing deaths from heart disease. Interestingly, in the Japanese population, oily fish consumption lowers levels of heart disease independent of other heart risk factors, such as smoking. What this means is that even individuals who smoke experience the same benefits from the oily fish consumption as those who do not.

Why are fish oils so healthy?

The reason oily fish are so healthy is that fish oils are high in heart-healthy poly-unsaturated fats (including Omega 3s). The more polyunsaturated oils consumed in the diet (along with mono-unsaturated plant oils such as those found in nuts and also avocadoes), and the less bad ‘saturated’ fats you consume from meat, the greater chance you have of keeping your veins and arteries clear of blockages (blocked arteries from the overconsumption or saturated fat containing foods and processed foods are at least partly responsible for the experience of high levels of heart disease in the west).

Omega 3 Oils recommended by Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation of Australia recommends including Omega 3 oils from marine, animal and plant sources, as a part of your daily diet. As far as oily fish they recommend at least 2-3 meals a week as a source of Omega 3 oils, whilst suggesting taking a fish oil capsule that contains at least 500mg of EPA and DHA in a daily dose should you choose to not consume your Omega 3s as oily fish.     (Omega 3.; Accessed: Oct 2013).

Why take Nutra-Life Triple Strength Omega 3?

Mercury tested to beyond industry standards, and containing 900mg of Omega 3 oils per capsules, just one Nutra-Life Triple Strength Omega 3fish oil capsule a day provides heart protective effects suggested by the Heart Foundation of Australia.

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