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The Fertility Diet: Influence the health of your child before you conceive

The Fertility Diet: Influence the health of your child before you conceive | Mr Vitamins

The Fertility Diet is essential for healthy conception and has been shown in research to positively affect the mechanisms by which DNA replicate within children for the rest of their lives.

Knowing you can create powerful effects in the health of your children by simply upgrading how you eat is profound information which is testament to the tenets by which Naturopathy is governed.

Naturopaths believe that nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, and research within the field of fertility has proven this fact to be correct.

The Foundation of Conception

DNA replication is the foundation of conception, foetal growth and development throughout your entire life. DNA is literally the blueprint which governs the health of your entire body.

Diet has a powerful effect on the switches that influence the expression of DNA. Whilst genetic codes are inherited from both parents, expression of genes in children is governed by the surrounding environment, the mother’s stress levels during pregnancy and the level of nutrition consumed by the mother prior to conception and during pregnancy.

This is why correcting diet prior to conception is vital. You can literally create a healthy child by simply eating healthier food. And it is here you can begin to understand that parenthood really does begin well before a baby is even conceived. We consume food everyday so wouldn’t it make sense to choose foods which nourish us at our deepest level, our DNA, so we can nourish the parts of ourselves that create future generations?

What is a Fertility Diet?

  • no processed food
  • no refined grains (like rice, pasta, white bread)
  • high in vegetables, fruits and healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, organic butter, seeds & nuts)
  • with moderate intake of protein from animal and plant sources
  • no alcohol consumption
  • avoidance of pesticides and chemicals from food production

Benefits of a Fertility Diet

  • supports healthy hormonal development essential for reproduction
  • supports sperm & ovarian follicle development
  • encourages healthy DNA & chromosome formation essential for conception
  • supports storage of beneficial nutrients in order to nourish a growing child
  • may decrease miscarriage risk and complications during pregnancy
  • promotes energy and vitality

This article is Part One of Chloe Okorn’s series of The Fertility Diet.

Naturopath Chloe Okorn

Naturopath ChloeOkorn has developed this series to educate people on the importance of diet prior to conception. It is wholly within our control as to what we consume and it can easily be changed without the need of supplements.

Diet is the first step which needs to be addressed when preparing for pregnancy.

Chloe Okorn is passionate about pre conception care and has experience in preparing couples for this wonderful journey. If you are wishing to create the healthiest, happiest and brightest children possible don’t hesitate to book in for a consultation with Chloe.

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