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Our experts speak - meet Naturopath Peter Radi

Our experts speak - meet Naturopath Peter Radi | Mr Vitamins

There has never been a more exciting time to be a Naturopath!!!

Having been in the wholistc health industry for 23 years, and in clinical practice for the last 17 years, I've seen a steady expansion in the understanding of the factors that influence human health and disease. However, despite the knowledge that has sprung from phenomenal developments such as the mapping of the human genome, we are at the beginning of an unprecedented knowledge explosion in the understanding of human health. Current research on the human microbiome has the potential to make a quantum shift in the understanding of factors that influence human health.

Ongoing Professional Education In Natural Health

Like other health professionals, naturopaths are required to complete ongoing education modules. I have been fortunate to be able to attend conferences at least twice per year where the world's leading medical professionals and scientists share the fruits of their research and clinical practice. A range of health professionals attends these conferences - including naturopaths, nutritionists, GPs, medical specialists, scientists and chiropractors.

Highlights of Recent Education

Some recent highlights of my educational journey as a naturopath include having attended lectures given by some of the world's most influential integrative medical specialists including:
  • Dr Marc Cohen: an Australian professor of Medicine who is a leading authority on environmental medicine and the impact of the environment on human health.
  • Dr Alessio Fasano: an Italian Pediatric Gastroenterologist who accidently discovered the molecule Zonulin which has been shown to be implicated in gluten's suspected involvement in many chronic disease states. This discovery came by accident whilst Dr Fasano was developing a vaccine against Cholera.
  • Dr Mark Houston: An American Cardiologist who is heading ground breaking research into the causes and management of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease
  • Dr David Perlmutter: An American Neurologist, whose research is greatly improving clinical outcomes in management of the dementias, including Alzheimer's disease.

There is always a reason for a pattern in health

I often tell people who have had no resolution to their troubling symptoms and no explanation form their doctors and other health professionals that there must be a reason for what is happening to them - or they wouldn't have the symptoms they have.

Powerful Clinical Tools that Naturopaths Use

Five powerful clinical tools I use in my practice to attempt to get to the bottom of my client's complaints are:
  • A comprehensive case history
  • Advanced pathology testing
  • Detailed study of blood test reports
  • Unrushed clinic sessions to allow my clients to tell me of their concerns
  • Freedom to contact me after a consultation to ask questions

Sharing my Naturopathic and Clinic knowledge

There is no point in gaining knowledge if it can't be shared. The most rewarding aspect of my work is applying the cutting-edge knowledge I gain from these conferences to my clinic clients and family, and sharing it with my colleagues. Naturopaths and nutritionists, such as others and myself at the Mr Vitamins Clinic, are thrilled to be able to pass our experience and knowledge on to as many people as we can. There is no greater gift than good health. Let me apply cutting edge knowledge to assist you in achieving your health goals. Nothing motivates me more. Please talk to me about your own health situation.

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