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Drink a daily Green Smoothie - for a healthy 2016

Drink a daily Green Smoothie - for a healthy 2016 | Mr Vitamins
A great way to become healthier is to choose healthy habits that are easy to maintain. For example, instead of cooking up a stock of daily green vegetables, we recommend adding a Green Smoothie to your routine. Drinking a green smoothie is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to fill your body with the amazing health benefits that come from eating greens.

Daily greens = daily vitality!

Here are four reasons you should be drinking green smoothies:

 1.   Green Smoothies give your digestion a break

Drinking blended plants gives your digestion a rest since the nutrients are more easily accessible, the food having already been broken down. Tip:We recommend not being exact about measurements. Green smoothies are meant to be easy, quick, and a breeze to clean up.

 2.   Greens are overloaded with nutrients your body needs

Greens contain essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are easy for your body to absorb. They’re also full of fibre to keep your digestive tract functioning properly, they have water to keep you hydrated, and they contain enzymes that keep your metabolic functions running effortlessly.

 3.   Greens give you liquid sunshine

Chlorophyll (aka liquid sunshine) strengthens your immune system, controls inflammation, increases red blood cell production, and enhances your cells’ ability to carry oxygen.

 4.   Greens help you detoxify

The mix of chlorophyll that greens contain boosts the release of toxins that have been sitting inside your cells for years. Additionally, green smoothies have a high fibre content, which is retained in the smoothie (unlike juicing where the fibre is left behind), so consuming them is great for your colon.

A recipe to get you going - from Nutritionist Karen Ball

We’re all about healthy and easy recipes. Mr Vitamins expert Nutritionist, Karen Ball helps you discover how you can create your own unique blend of the all the ingredients you love. The key is experimentation, that way you can have your very own Green Smoothie Adventure We recommend drinking your Green Smoothie in the morning so you can power into your day!