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Does Glucosamine Cause Insulin Resistance?

Glucosamine & MSM labeling photoBoth Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis give people a number of grueling symptoms to deal with such as inflammation, pain and lack of mobility. For that reason, people with arthritis turn to Glucosamine supplements to relieve arthritis related symptoms. Despite the effectiveness of those supplements in relieving the pain of arthritis, Glucosamine is now believed to be a possible cause of Insulin Resistance. However, you may not necessarily be at risk.

Glucose and Insulin Resistance

Glucose is a sugar molecule that is present in many of the foods you eat. There are many forms of sugar, including fructose and maltose, which are derived from fruit and milk respectively. Yet, all those forms are broken down into glucose and used by your body for many different cellular functions. Insulin is a hormone that controls glucose levels in your bloodstream. Too much glucose causes many health conditions starting with Diabetes. Therefore, Insulin keeps glucose at the right concentration so as not to inhibit cellular function, whilst at the same time protecting your body from the harmful conditions that may result from too much glucose. Glucose and Insulin normally work well together. Type II Diabetics are often able to balance their glucose and Insulin levels by diet alone and/or taking Insulin when necessary. However, some people develop Insulin Resistance, in which case Insulin is blocked and cannot function properly. With Insulin inhibited, glucose levels easily increase and cause those harmful health conditions.

Insulin Resistance: a side effect of Glucosamine?

An increasing number of people are taking Glucosamine and suffering from Insulin Resistance at the same time. Although more research needs to be done on this topic, researchers have concluded that Glucosamine may in fact block a significant glucose pathway within cells. This means that if glucose cannot get to the right part of cells, then those cells cannot adequately determine how much glucose they contain. Thus, Insulin is never produced to reduce glucose levels despite the increasing concentration of glucose at the Glucosamine blockages. This unfortunate event seems to occur in a small but specific group of people. What is the message? Look to a wholistic perspective on health to improve blood sugar balance and reduce weight if that is a factor.

Are you at risk of Insulin Resistance?

Studies have found that after excluding diabetics, people who suffer from Insulin Resistance are mainly overweight or obese. In many cases, the joints of overweight individuals have become overloaded resulting in osteoarthritis. Looking for a solution they turn to Glucosamine supplements for pain relief.

A healthy approach to taking Glucosamine...

At the moment the most that can be determined is that losing weight, protecting your joints, and never having to take Glucosamine are some of the best ways to avoid Insulin Resistance. Needless to say, Glucosamine’s effect on Insulin Resistance is a grey area that some people may fall into. Mr Vitamins always advocates a wholistic approach to health. So if you have arthritis, you should certainly ask a naturopath at Mr Vitamins about your options and if a Glucosamine supplement is right for you.

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