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Discovering the delights of raw foods in Bali

Discovering the delights of raw foods in Bali | Mr Vitamins
A photo diary of the delicious raw food in Bali A recent trip to Bali allowed nutritionist Karen Ball to experience some of the raw food delights that Ubud is becoming so well-known for. Here are Karen's highlights and photo diary... Raw foods in Bali Perfectly suited to the tropical climate of Bali, raw, live food is classified as food prepared under 48° Celsius, with minimal processing and using naturally derived and fresh foods. With raw foods cuisine, the focus is on vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds to create delicious meals that are bursting with antioxidants, naturally occurring enzymes, and bucket-loads of taste. I was lucky enough to enjoy raw Korean bibimbab, delicious raw sushi, healthy turmeric jamu tonics, and raw carrot cake, just to name a few. I hope you enjoy some snaps of my trip! Raw foods in Bali 2

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