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Cranberry for urinary tract health – how much is enough?

Cranberry for urinary tract health – how much is enough? | Mr Vitamins
Cranberry has been used to treat and prevent urinary tract conditions for thousands of years. Traditionally used in the medicine of Native American indigenous tribes, Cranberry provides the body with protection against the bacteria that cause these infections by supporting the health of the bladder and urinary tract.

Traditional knowledge, healing benefits

Traditional knowledge encourages the use of Cranberries as an astringent tonic, that protects the body from infection. Their alkaline pH also helps in the maintenance of urinary tract health, and it’s important to note that pH makes all the difference when it comes to reducing the chance of infection in your water works. The pH can be made acidic (and less effective), when combined with sugar (as is the case in most commercial juices) or other ingredients (as can take place in combined extracts). For this reason, it is best to choose a sugar-free juice (and resist the urge to add sugar, as the pure juice is extremely tart) or find a supplement that contains a high quality extract.

How much Cranberry is enough?

To get enough Cranberry into your system to halt the effects of urinary tract infections, it’s important to make sure the extract you take is pure, does not contain sugar, and contains a high quality extract studied for its healing benefits. Proprietary extracts such as CranMax, are purpose formulated to make sure your body received the healing benefits of cranberry, whilst maintaining its healing pH and other health benefits.

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Nutra-Life Cranberry 50,000

Formulated with a combination of extracts, Cranberry 50,000 includes Cran-Max®, an extract derived from the skin, fruit and juice of whole cranberries. This makes the extract more potent than standard extracts (which are often derived from the juice alone). Whereas some extracts are degraded by digestive processes, Cran-Max® technology ensures that the antioxidants are protected from damage caused by erosive stomach acids, meaning more of the active agent makes its way to the bladder and urinary tract. Find out more and shop online for Nutra-Life Cranberry 50,000 here