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Cold & Flu getting you down? Get relief fast

Cold & Flu getting you down? Get relief fast | Mr Vitamins
Discover the Chinese herbal immune system boosters to give you powerful defence against cold and flu this winter. For fast acting relief from winter respiratory infections it is important to address both the symptoms that make you feel lousy, and help your immune system fight the infection so you get well faster.

Combine remedies to beat colds and flu

Modern research demonstrates that Echinacea (known to stimulate the immune system), works more effectively when combined with other immune stimulating herbs that also help manage fever, drain the lymphatics and resolve mucous congestion. For example, the Chinese herbs Andrographisleaf, Forsythiagreen fruit, Lonicera flowers, Platycodonroot, Magnolia buds, Isatisroot and Glycyrrhizaroot (Liquorice) combine well with Echinacea to enhance its therapeutic effects. This combination can activate immunity to overcome a number of conditions including;
  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Fever
  • Tonsillitis
  • Laryngitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Middle ear infection
  • Mucous congestion - especially in the ears, nose and throat
  • Sore throat
Taking FusionHealth Cold and Flu formula to activate the immune system at the earliest signs of a cold and flu or cough will not only increase the body’s resistance to infection but also help reduce the risk of needing antibiotics and minimise the chance of repeat infection. Of course antibiotics have their place during certain acute infections but they attack bacteria only. Herbal immune system boosters activate the body’s natural defences against many ‘bugs’ including viruses and speed up recovery during the acute phase of infection.  This means that if antibiotics are required they can be taken with the herbal medicines to quickly overcome a bacterial infection. Strengthen and restore your immune health after a cold and flu with Fusion Health Astra 8to optimise your recovery and get you on your feet again. Visit the Mr Vitamins site again for more on how to support your health through every stage of winter.

Cold&Flu_mockup_liquid&tabsMr Vitamins recommends

FUSION Health Cold and Flu

This formula comes in tablets and liquid, so it’s easy for the whole family to take. CoughLungTonic_mockup_liquid&tabs FUSION Health Cold and Flucombines well withFUSION Health Cough Lung Tonic to provide fast cough relief and lung support. Find out more about Fusion Health Cold & Flu Remedies See our Top Tips for Cold Relief As always, whatever questions or concerns you have regarding your health this winter all you have to do is drop by Mr Vitamins and ‘Ask a Naturopath’.