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Clearing your Throat Chakra to see the details

Throat Chakra MandalaYour throat chakra is for communicating. The throat chakra governs communications in both directions, speaking and listening. It also assists you in paying attention to details. Where your third eye chakra lets you see the forest, your throat chakra lets us see the trees!
  1. Essential oils – balance is important here, between listening and speaking, and between detail and the big picture. Geranium is the essential oil for balance; it also has a soothing effect on sore scratchy throats. Add 2 drops to your face lotion, and apply to your throat as often as needed until your throat feels better.
  2. Singing –whether it’s in the shower, the car, in a choir or on stage, just sing! It’s a great way to clear stuck energies in this chakra, and the more you clear it, the sweeter your voice will sound.
  3. Declutter– when feeling overwhelmed with details, declutter your to-do list. Take a good look at the list and prioritise it, remove anything that is not really necessary, or is other people’s priorities. Also remove anything that has been moved from list to list for longer than you can remember!
  4. Affirmation - “I speak my truth with compassion and love for others and for myself”
  5. Speak your truth
    • Speaking your truth should be done from your heart with consideration and compassion for everyone involved. It is not brutal honesty at all costs!
    • Speak up about things that really matter, and let go of the small stuff
    • Let go of anger and blame, speak from a position of seeking solutions that benefit all
    • Recognise the courage it takes to speak up, both in yourself and in others

Maria Mitchell - Aromatherapist and Herbalist

Maria Chakra WorkshopMaria Mitchell is a fully qualified Aromatherapist and Herbalist whose passion has led her into teaching, and writing about the healing power of Aromatherapy.   You can learn more about Maria here
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