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Choosing organic and wholefood protein – you CAN get adequate protein from plants

Choosing organic and wholefood protein – you CAN get adequate protein from plants | Mr Vitamins
When it comes to supplying your body with adequate protein, there are multiple natural and wholefood sources. From lean meat, to chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, and legumes, the choices are endless. Choosing the right protein source for your diet, however, can depend on a number of factors including how robust your digestion is and your personal food preferences. Vegans, for example, choose only plant based foods for their protein source, meaning they must consume a varied intake of legumes, nuts and seeds, along with cereals and grains each day.

Protein in your diet – why is it necessary?

Protein is the building block for all cells in the body. Important structurally, protein plays a key role in supporting your upkeep of healthy lean muscle mass, and also works to provide the body with slow releasing, sustained energy. Whether from a plant or animal origin, though, the benefits of whole, organic protein sources greatly outweigh non-organic sources.

Organic is best

‘Organically grown’ means a plant, for example, has been grown without the use of harsh chemical pesticides or herbicides, and has been grown in accordance with strict conditions to ensure no toxic, non-natural products are used during the growth or processing of the plant. Organic animal products are also produced to the same standards, without the use of any chemical substances, including making sure animals are fed organic matter as a part of their conditions for growth. Organic, wholefood plant proteins, are emerging as a new, easy to digest and clean source of protein, that allows vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike, to experience the benefits of vegetable proteins in an easy to digest and absorb formula.

Mr Vitamins recommends:

Nutra-Life WHOLE+ Organic Protein Powder This clean, natural, vegan friendly formula contains a mix of pea and rice protein isolates, combined to provide a complete essential & non-essential amino acid profile for total wholefood nutrition. Sourced from natural ingredients, this easy-to-prepare plant- based protein shake is a great alternative to traditional whey (dairy) and soy proteins, contains nothing artificial, and also contains five digestive enzymes to assist digestion.