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B Vitamins: The key to overcoming Fatigue

B Vitamins: The key to overcoming Fatigue | Mr Vitamins

I cannot, I cannot… And discovering the benefits of B Vitamins

The very discovery of the B-vitamins is a story of fatigue itself. The disease "Beri-beri" comes from a Sinhalese phrase, from the people of Sri Lanka and it means "I cannot, I cannot".  It relates to severe weakness and total exhaustion. This 'incurable' condition was found to be simply a deficiency of thiamine (B1). Eating whole brown rice, instead of polished white rice, was enough to effect a remarkable cure, another sound reason for sticking to wholegrains rather than refined foods! Pellagra is another condition of fatigue which results from a niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency. Niacin deficiency results in (among other things) weakness and lassitude.

Why does Fatigue happen?

In your body, food must be broken down into simple molecules like glucose, and in your cells, the energy must be released from glucose. A major part of this rather complex process is called the citric acid or Krebs cycle. This entire, complicated energy-releasing pathway grinds to a total halt without the B-complex vitamins. Your body, without enough B-vitamins is doomed to exhaustion! The four B-vitamins most involved with our cellular energy cycle are thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5) and riboflavin (B2). The first two are the most difficult to obtain from diet.

B Vitamins and Chronic fatigue

Scientific research indicates, over and over again, that B-complex (and other) vitamin deficiencies weaken immunity. Clinical trials have shown that high dose B Vitamins can play significant part in Chronic Fatigue recovery. They help stimulate the immune system, glands, and digestive tract, and they can help stabilize and relax mood. They also promote good circulation of blood and oxygen to your entire body, a necessity for high energy and vitality.

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