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7 Top tips for the best natural health travel kit

7 Top tips for the best natural health travel kit | Mr Vitamins
Nutritionist Karen Ball has some great tips for what you need to take on your trip to ensure your comfort and good health.

Prepare for the joy of travel

Heading off overseas for holiday can be an exciting time – the escape from our day to day reality, the excitement of a new place to discover, and the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture – from customs to food. For some people though, it can be a daunting experience dealing with potential travel infections, stomach bugs, and issues that when in a strange country, may be more difficult to deal with.

An ideal travel kit for your health

Having a solid travel kit of natural travel essentials is the first step to managing some of the little annoying things that can go wrong – sunburn, insect bites, skin infections or travellers diarrhoea. My basic travel first aid and amenities travel kit contains some of the following:
  • Eagle SB Forte: contains Saccharomyces boulardii,a beneficial yeast that has been clinically trialled in the reduction of acute onset traveller’s diarrhoea. Best taken prophylactically for a month before leaving, then every day whilst away when travelling to countries with higher risk of gastroenteritis due to different standards of food practices (countries in Asia, Africa or South America)
  • Tea tree oil: this 100% pure and natural oil provides powerful antiseptic and broad spectrum properties against a number of bacterial and fungal infections. Useful to cleanse minor cuts or grazes, apply neat to bites or stings, and can be used for diluted for cleaning
  • Aloe Vera gel:a soothing and cooling gel made from 100% aloe vera. Great to soothe minor sunburn or relieve itchy insect bites. Tip: keep in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation!
  • Natural deodorant paste from Black Chicken: currently my favourite natural deodorant that is a base of shea and coconut oils, bicarb and arrowroot, and an essential oil blend. Works a treat, even when put to the test after doing yoga in the tropics! 
  • De Vita natural 30+ sunscreen:a zinc oxide based mineral sunscreen with natural oils for a lightweight and absorbable cover for sensitive skin. Rubs in easily and doesn’t leave a greasy residue, all the while providing excellent sun protection
  • Bug Another bug spray:a combination of citronella, lavender and other essential oils to keep pesky mosquitoes and bugs away. Effective even in the tropics
  • Lariese Rose facial mist:a lovely gentle refreshing rose scented spray to combat skin dryness from travelling. Calming and anti-inflammatory, and lovely and soothing to sun kissed skin. Tip: keep in the fridge for a chilled blast after a day in the sun
All the products int he Travel Kit are available from the Mr Vitamins stores. Happy and safe travelling from Nutritionist Karen Ball at Mr Vitamins.

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