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7 Little Known Benefits of Coconut Oil

7 Little Known Benefits of Coconut Oil | Mr Vitamins
People everywhere are talking about Coconut Oil! However, some people still have their reservations about this superfood. So, if you need some more convincing to add this great oil to your daily diet, check out these seven little known benefits:
  1. Anti-everything harmful

    In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil fights bacteria and harmful microbes, cancer cells, fungus and yeast, free radicals, retroviruses, parasites, and viruses. It enhances immunity, slows ageing, and improves overall health.
  2. Reduces heart disease risk

    Research shows that rates of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease are low among populations who consume large amounts of coconut oil and other coconut foods. This is probably because this oil does not cause arterial damage unlike polyunsaturated oils.
  3. Fights bloodstream infections

    Again with its anti-fungal abilities, coconut oil easily fights candida overgrowth. Symptoms of this which include:
    • Autoimmune disease, like arthritis or psoriasis
    • Carb or sugar cravings
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Genital infections or itching
    • Indigestion or constipation
    • Mental health issues
    • Poor memory or lack of focus
    • Seasonal allergies
    • Skin infections, like athlete’s foot
  4. Helps you lose weight

    Losing weight requires: (1) boosting your metabolism to trigger your muscles to burn fat and (2) balancing your hormones. Coconut oil aids in both of these by helping your body burn more calories and support your thyroid function.
  5. Optimises blood sugar and insulin levels

    This high quality fat helps blood sugar levels remain steady by slowing the digestive process. This dramatically decreases your risk of developing insulin resistance or diabetes.
  6. Maximises liver health

    As another benefit of its anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil reduces inflammation throughout the body and especially in the liver. This indirectly benefits thyroid hormone function, metabolism, and weight loss.
  7. Melts visceral fat

    Consuming just two tablespoons of coconut oil every day can help melt visceral fat—the most dangerous form of fat—which can have you well on your way to a flat stomach! In fact, one study in 40 women with abdominal obesity discovered that supplementing with coconut oil every day for 12 weeks reduced both waist size and body mass index.
To enjoy these benefits, ‘Ask a Naturopath’to help you select a high-quality coconut oil from the great selection in store.