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5 tips for healthy blood sugar levels

Indicator Strips For Blood Glucose TestingMaking a few simple changes to your diet and the way you prepare your food can make all the difference when it comes to your Blood Sugar (Glucose) Level. Here are our top tips:
  1. Support your cells with Chromium –every cell in your body uses sugar for energy, but sugar cannot enter the cell unless Chromium is present. Chromium is naturally high in organ meats, wholegrains, and brewer’s yeast; or can be taken in supplemental form as Chromium picolinate.
  2. Keep your liver in check with raw coffee bean extract – did you know that if your body is over-run with sugar, your liver works to convert that sugar into fat? Raw, decaffeinated green coffee bean extract works to reduce this conversion, meaning you don’t store sugar as fat, and your body has more chance to use that sugar as energy.
  3. Blend, instead of juice – when you juice fruit (or vegetables for that matter), you remove the liquid and sugar portion, leaving behind the all-important fibre. If you blend instead, you retain the fibre, meaning a slower passage of sugar through your digestive system.
  4. Don’t forget the Magnesium – not only great for the muscles, Magnesium is also necessary for blood sugar balance. In fact, without adequate magnesium, Chromium cannot do its job in helping a cell use sugar as energy. Consider food sources such as dark, green leafy vegetables, red meat and lots of nuts and seeds; or take an organic Magnesium supplement, for extra support.
Nutralife Svetol 2800 Max 30CFor extra support, consider Nutra-Life Green Coffee Bean MAX 2800 One-a-day to assist in balancing your blood sugar levels. Sourced from raw, green coffee beans, this Svetol® based extract is high in the active ingredient Chlorogenic acid. Find out more about Nutra-Life Green Coffee Bean MAX 2800 here Also see our article Don’t store it as fat! - Stop sugar in its tracks